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The National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in India comprises of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) at national level and the State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) at the state level, are major partners in growth & development of Agricultural Research and Education. As most of the SAUs and ICAR institutes are providing advisory support to the farmers in terms of short term training programmes on agriculture, horticulture, home science, fisheries, dairy, veterinary and animal husbandary etc. As a result of these services provided to the farmers, sufficient amount of e-content resourses have been created and made available through scattered sourses over different locations. In the present portal an attempt has been made to compile the e-resourses developed at ICAR & SAUs and provide linkage to farmers/women level e-training material under different disciplines to the user's community. Free access of e-learning system is available to any one interested in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. As new user, one has to get registered by submitting brief identity details to help us in creating the Portal usage records.

The concerned authorities of all SAUs and ICAR institutes are duly acknowledged for developing these e-resourses for the farmers and are responsible for the quality and quantity of their respective contents of e-resources.